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Communication and Personality


Auberg 9 (Ausbildungsinstitut perspectiva), 4051 Basel


10.10.2024, 09:00-17:00


15 days (see website)


CHF 5'400.-


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Andrea Ochsner

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How to understand yourself and others better

Why does communication sometimes succeed effortlessly and sometimes one misunderstanding follows the next? Why is it that with some people you understand each other straight away, get into conversation easily and communicate without any problems, while communication with others is always difficult and simply doesn't want to succeed?

Since ancient times, good and intelligible communication has been seen as the sine-qua-non for a fulfilling and successful life. Aristotle and Plato had already understood this human quintessence. The question is: why do people still find it so difficult to communicate clearly in their professional and private lives today?

Although communication has been scrutinized for thousands of years and there is a plethora of offers for learning and perfecting the craft of successful communication in this day and age, one aspect is often ignored: There is no one-size-fits-all recipe for successful communication. People are wired differently in terms of their personality and social behaviour, and this fact is reflected in the acquisition of communicative skills as well as in interpersonal interaction. In this respect, communication is not only both a craft and an art, but also a unique, personal footprint as well.

People communicate very differently due to their personalities, and statements and messages are not interpreted according to generally accepted principles. For this reason, people often feel that they are not understood by their fellow human beings. This is why a 'one-size-fits-all' approach to teaching the craft, let alone the art, of communication is not really promising.

The course programme 'Communication and Personality' is people-centred and combines craft with art and furthermore offers the unique opportunity to get to know and apply different approaches from the fields of the psychology of communication and personality psychology.


Target group

The course is aimed at anyone who is interested in interpersonal communication and would like to improve their communication skills in a professional and/or private environment. In particular, it is also aimed at those who have set themselves the goal to better understand their own personality and individual communication patterns as well as those of other people.


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