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Sustainable Investing


Institut für Banking und Finance


November 2022


2 Tage




Zürich, 8057 Zürich


CHF 1500.00





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This seminar focuses on the fast-growing market for “Sustainable Investing”. Practitioners in banking, finance and investment, with a focus on private banking, wealth management and portfolio management. This course deepens and expands topics in sustainable investing. The course “Current Trends in Sustainable Investing” can be taken as a follow-up module.

Target audience and qualifications

The two-days executive education course «Sustainable Investing» and the one-day executive education course «Current Trends in SI» is designed for practitioners in the financial sector who want to understand the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainability and their implications for investment decisions and asset management approaches. The participants have experience in the field of investing. Basic knowledge of finance is required.


Participants become familiar with the concepts of sustainability and the diversity of technical terms in the modern world of "sustainable investing". After the basic course you will have a deeper understanding of the SI market and its players and will be able to identify different SI investor profiles and analyse their investments and decision-making processes. Participants have extensive SI knowledge of product and investment strategies and understand SI-based asset management in terms of product analysis and selection. You will gain an insight into SI risk analysis and its performance measurement. The course thus imparts specialist knowledge for strengthening SI consulting and decision-making competence. The additional module "Current Trends in SI" offers a foundation in special topics and value chains of non-listed SI, such as sustainable infrastructure investments, bonds and engagement.


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