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The growth of online learning as a successful education delivery method for professionals has been profound in the last 15 – 20 years. If traditional face to face programs require you to attend classes on fixed locations at fixed dates, online learning programs do not place such demands. If you are often on-the-go, travel frequently, or face constantly changing work commitments you may find the rigors of classwork impossible to manage. You can travel freely, relocate, or live in remote areas without interrupting your MBA studies. The online learning format suits students ‘ability to juggle the competing demands of work, family, and study. Ultimately, this depends on the type of person you are, your lifestyle, and how you prefer to learn. Our online education model provides you with true flexibility in your learning options. Not only is the SBS Online MBA truly portable, but it also provides you with greater flexibility than traditional MBA programs.

In our Online MBA program, each course is credited with 5 ECTS; the Master Thesis is credited with 15 ECTS. The Online MBA is a 90 ECTS program.

Each course has a duration of 8 weeks. During the 8 weeks, students need to complete projects, analyze case studies, submit assignments and exams, as assigned by the lecturer. The Online Master of Business Administration (Online MBA) program requires completion of 10 Core courses, 5 Specialization courses plus a Master thesis. 

Completion time for the program is expected to be in the range of 24 months on average. However, students may take up to 5 years for completion of the program. 


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