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Master in Global Hospitality Business


Route de Berne 301, 1000 Lausanne


February & September


16 months, full-time program


MSc (Master of Science)

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Unser Master of Science in Global Hospitality Management ist darauf ausgelegt, Sie auf eine internationale Karriere vorzubereiten, bei der Sie ein erstklassiges, serviceorientiertes Unternehmen oder eine Beratungsfirma überall auf der Welt leiten. Sie lernen, die Komplexität eines weltweiten Unternehmens mit lokalem Bezug zu managen, und erwerben so eine seltene Kombination von Managementkompetenzen.

Our Master of Science in Global Hospitality Management is designed to prepare you for an international career, running a best-in-class service centered business or consultancy, anywhere in the world. Learning to manage the complexity of a worldwide operation with the local touch, you’ll be building a rare blend of management skills.

Hospitality With the Power of Three
Your course spans three culturally diverse semesters that will take you across three continents, and to three world-class institutions in Europe, Asia and North America. Throughout you will learn and experience these contrasting hospitality worlds, immersed in different cultures.

This is a master’s degree that offers a truly global perspective and develops essential management skills oriented toward the future.

Three semesters. Three continents. A world of experience

Semester 1 - Europe

  • EHL Hospitality Business School, Lausanne

Semester 2 - Asia

  • Polytechnic University in Hong Kong

Semester 3 - USA

  • University of Houston, Conrad N. Hilton College in Houston

Benefits of the Global Master’s in Hospitality

  • Achieve an internationally accredited degree. Achieve an internationally accredited degree. Earn a master's degree from a world-renowned centre of excellence – definitively the hospitality experts
  • Gain global insights. Develop in-depth understanding of hospitality management trends around the world
  • Build your leadership skills. Prepare for the challenges of running an international business
  • Get in-depth overseas experience. Immerse yourself in a diversity of cultures as you travel and learn across three continents
  • Grow your global network. Forge relationships and connections across the world as your international career develops
  • Belong to the best. You’ll enjoy alumni membership from three prestigious institutions


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