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03.05.2021, 09.00 Uhr


3 months






Andreas Brauchle, Senior Project Management Consultant


CHF 2750.-





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In the course, you will learn how to initiate, plan, execute, monitor and complete projects. In addition to the methodology and structural elements, you will also acquire cultural aspects to consider during your project management and prepare for the IPMA® Level D certification.

Holders of the IPMA® Level D certificate have a broad knowledge of project management competencies and are able to work in project teams and take on specific project management tasks.

The IPMA® certification is internationally recognized and well-known.

The courses are offered in English and with the e-learning method.

E-learning: Methodology and didactics
The course teaches the methodology of project management and the application of the tools. The basis for this is the current assessment structure Swiss Individual Competence Baseline (swiss.ICB4). This forms the optimal preparation for the IPMA® certification.

The theory is taught in e-learning self-study via our electronic platform. This consists of theory sections, repetition questions and practice questions. In addition, the theory learned is applied on another electronic platform using cloze texts, assignment questions and arrangement questions.

During exam preparation, the sample exams from the VZPM and an internal sample exam are solved.

You can expect 8 hours of home study per week during the entire training period.

Advantages of IPMA certification
Our preparation courses prepare you in a structured way for the internationally recognized and industry-neutral IPMA® certification. Our participants work in a wide variety of industries and professions and thus enrich the courses with their own experiences.

You will learn to methodically plan, control and manage different types of projects (organization, reorganization, product development, IT, construction and culture). You will take away the most important tools that are valuable for successful project execution and apply them to your project work. This adds tremendous value to you and your employer. You will improve some processes and bring more productivity to the company. All this leads to an increase in efficiency and less failed projects. This is because you can identify the risks and difficulties in time and successfully act against them.

Successful project work leads to an increase in personal recognition and strengthens personal and social skills.

Target group
The IPMA® Level D certification is industry-independent and is therefore suitable for project assistants and project managers from all professions who have no or already some project experience and would like to learn the basics and methodology of project management for projects of limited complexity.

Course costs
CHF 2750.- 

Course Instructor & Coach
Andreas Brauchle


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