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The financial sector currently undergoes a major transformation which is primarily induced by digitalization and has an enormous impact on providers serving commercial and retail customers. Changing customer experiences and developments such as regulatory compliance, cybercrime, cryptocurrencies, smart data, and artificial intelligence lead to FinTech disruptions of the financial service industry. The convergence of consumer banking, payments, investments, wealth- and asset management and insurance, pension, health, and e-commerce businesses drive customer retention as well as employee retention. The future workforce needs to acquire new skills, embrace digital innovations and collaborate effectively with diverse value contributors in a business network. To remain competitive, future leaders must develop mastery and proficiency at the intersection of finance and technology. This course

  • offers a unique university-based CAS FinTech which links to cutting-edge research
  • translates challenges into opportunities for players of the Swiss financial center
  • links to a start-up and entrepreneurial ecosystem across Europe, the US, Africa, and Asia

Thema & Aufbau

  • eFundamentals of Programming
  • Digital Transformation
  • Disruptive Technologies
  • Future Business Models
  • Financial Services Ecosystems
  • Agile FinTech Strategies


After completing the course, participants will have a sound knowledge of the concepts of FinTech and InsureTech and their application. They are also able to evaluate the results of the application and to question them critically.


Target Audience
Practitioners in banking, insurance, wealth, and asset management that received their training and professional experience primarily in the incumbent world and wish to drive future business models. The course is tailored to professionals that want to gain a deeper understanding of trends and the future customer journey, characterized by the provision of online and mobile services in which people and machines collaborate seamlessly. This represents a particular challenge, for which the CAS FinTech provides the required skills, training, and network.
The program is particularly targeted towards these roles:

  • mid to senior-level managers with experiences in the financial services sector (front-, middle-, back office)
  • start-up leaders seeking to scale and grow their business by linking their technological skills to the financial sector
  • professionals who understand the value of agile innovation management and digital products and services
  • emerging leaders with an interest in technologies that want to drive the strategic transformation
  • consultants who wish to co-create value with incumbents and FinTechs to better serve their clients

Admission is decided based on a review of the application documents.


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