Universität Luzern, Department Health Sciences and Medicine
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Universität Luzern, Department Health Sciences and Medicine

The innovative educational program launched by the Department of Health Sciences and Medicine of the University of Lucerne is the ideal preparation for an exciting career in health.

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Master in Health Sciences

Majors in:

  • Health Communication 
  • Health and Social Behavior
  • Health Economics and Health Policy
  • Health Services Research
  • Health Data Science


Infoabend Master Health Sciences Der englischsprachige Studiengang Master in Health Sciences bietet den Studierenden die notwendigen Kenntnisse und... 21.03.2023 | Luzern und online
Master in Health Sciences The Master’s program in Health Sciences at the University of Lucerne offers students from a wide range of discipli... auf Anfrage | 2 years (part-time are possible) | Luzern
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The Master in Health Sciences at the University of Lucerne offers students from a wide range of disciplines the necessary knowledge and skills towards a comprehensive understanding of health, functioning and disability.

The program provides a broad background in health sciences from a biopsychosocial perspective and has a focus on the interaction of individuals and their environment within the context of health. Students will also have the opportunity to choose a Major in a specific area to get more in-depth knowledge depending on their professional interest and career direction.

The Master in Health Sciences aims to bring a new dimension into research, health service provision, and healthcare management by pioneering the development and application of a comprehensive approach in the field of health. It is the ideal curriculum to foster innovation in our society where aging and chronic diseases are a main challenge within the health care system.

It provides in-depth knowledge of health, functioning and disability and approaches health form a biopsychosocial and interdisciplinary perspective. This new master program brings a new dimension to research, health service provision and healthcare management.

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